Who can go through this study?

The ALL IN Curriculum is designed for several different groups of people – those already involved in orphan care on some level, those considering getting involved, those wanting to learn how to support others who are involved and those simply wanting to educate themselves more on the theological and practical elements of what orphan care is. The study is designed to equip, inspire, mobilize and encourage a wide variety of people no matter where they are on the orphan care spectrum.

Do we need trained small group leaders to lead the study?

Not necessarily. Our hope is that this workbook is as accessible and user friendly as possible so that any group could pick it up and use it, whether there is a designated “leader” or not. The material is written so that members of the group can share responsibilities to read and help navigate everyone else through different sections.

What is the format of the study?

Each of the six sessions includes different elements that allow the group to connect, study, discuss and reflect with one another. There is plenty of content for the group to read through (or for a teacher to teach through) in order to guide their time together. As well, there are introductory pieces at the beginning of the book and personal testimonies/stories throughout to help supplement your study.

Can the material only be used in small groups?

No. The curriculum is adaptable to the culture and rhythms of your church or the particular needs of your ministry - whether it’s mid week small groups, Sunday morning classes or large group teaching contexts.

Is there an e-version (i.e. Kindle) of the book?

ALMOST! We hope to have this available by the end of January '15. To date the only way to purchases the ALL IN Curriculum is directly through the website or in person at a conference, forum, church or event that the ALL IN team happens to be participating in.